Unlock your potential

Our training techniques, issued from the top-level sport, are dedicated to your health, well-being and performance goals. Whether you’re looking to stay in shape or go beyond your limits, Be Athletik offers an individual and customized monitoring, tailored to your specific needs.

We also propose a golf performance package specifically designed to golfers of all levels wishing to gain in playing comfort and ball length.






The Be Athletik Method relies on the analysis and optimization of one of the most important qualities required by an athlete; movement efficiency. We will teach you how to use your morphological and physiological specificities in order to generate the most performing movements for you to meet your personal goals.

In addition to a sustainable sportive progression, your work will also have a qualitative impact on your well-being in everyday life.
We offer a comprehensive approach which is committed to respecting your body, while working towards realizing your full potential.

Golf performance

You want to improve your distances and consistency, while reducing pains?
Don’t wait! Discover the way we will make it happen.

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Sport performance

You want to perform?
Our techniques, experienced by the biggest sportsmen, will allow you to realize your full potential.

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Physical Prevention

Rediscover your own body and its capacities in a simple, effective and healthy way. Enjoy a dynamic and painless everyday life.

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Professional sport

The ultimate phase of our performance concept intended for the professional sportsmen (and women). Optimize your movement and reach your best energy efficiency.

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Heal, Prevent and Strengthen. Identify the origin of your pains and limit the risks of recurrences thanks to a specifically adapted treatment and physical strengthening.

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Be Athletik, a center dedicated to your desires of well-being and performance. Our expert, Loïc Gambardella, physiotherapist, osteopath and personal trainer, accompanies you in your progress.

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